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Thursday, September 07, 2006


How many times should you see your significant other in a week?
  1. Once: You both have uber busy schedules, perhaps there is a long commute involved. You are both very independent individuals and can squeeze in just one solid date/time together a week.
  2. Twice: You both have seperate social lives, and other interests outside of each other. However you do enjoy spending time together and plan date nights regularly.
  3. Thrice: You have a regular routine of every other day. You have to talk on the phone for a while on the days that you are apart. You have your own special drawer at his place and vice versa.
  4. Four: You are practically living at his place/him at yours. You spend the nights pretty frequently and end up seeing each other every day---morning & night. You are sharing half his closet. He has work clothes at your house.
  5. Five: You might work together or live close to each other. You spend all your free time with each other, and even when you hang out with others---you are still together doing it. You've taken over his closet---and his wardrobe.
  6. Six: You don't even know where your own house is anymore. You are over at his place all the time, you might as well move in!
  7. Seven: You've moved in. Just cinch the deal and take all your stuff over there.
So how many times can you see him in a week without him getting on your nerves?



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