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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How Do You Get Your Way?

This is one of those weeks where I'm swamped with a bajillion things and barely have the focus to actually sit down and write a good blog post. So, I'm asking my wonderful readers for some input here.

Keep in mind that if you are in a good relationship, then both parties will want what is best for the other person in most situations as well as what is good for the sake of the relationship. However, sometimes both of you cannot come to an amicable compromise on an issue and you reach a stalemate. So here's the question:
With the guy/previous guys in your life, what methods have proven most effective in garnering what you desire?

Do you try the subtle forms of charm, flirting, ego-boosting, making them think it was their idea or playing the damsel-in-distress card?

Do you use trickery & bribery, or offer rewards for getting your way?

Or are you more of the brazen, commanding, ballsy, I wear the pants in this relationship so do what the hell I tell you before I kick your ass vibe?

Do you argue, explain, patronize, criticize or rationalize using logic and clear facts (and sometimes just sheer bullheadedness) to get your way?

Or perhaps the issuing of ultimatums, guilt trips, with-holding sex and using others (like children) as a tool of manipulation on your chess board is more your forte?

Perhaps it's a combination of these. Or different ones for different situations. I want to hear your stories. Anonymously if you like:)

Do share.

PS: I know you guys are going to be asking me what techniques I use. Let's just say, currently, it's a combination of brilliant debating; brazen, ballsy 'I know what I want' Vixen; mixed with a little ego boosting. If things are really going the wrong way and no hope is in sight for getting my way....then I might have to actually resort to some obvious seduction coercion;)


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