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Friday, August 25, 2006

Sex Drive Diminishes With Security

A study done in Germany by researchers of the Hamburg-Eppendorf University interviewed 530 men & women aged over 30 and found out that women's sex drive decrease significantly once they have been in a relationship for more than 4 years.

No way dude! Was my first reaction when I read the article. Sure I'm not over 30 nor have been in a relationship for greater than four years, but I do have some very strong plans to still be regularly knocking boots when I'm waaaaay over that age/time frame in my current relationship. "They found 60% of 30-year-old women wanted sex "often" at the beginning of a relationship, but within four years of the relationship this figure fell to under 50%, and after 20 years it dropped to about 20%."

However about 80% of guys still want regular sex well after that point. Of course.

I'm highly skeptical about this. First of all, I think their pool of research was slightly skewed, I mean, did they ask any 20-somethings who have been in long term relationships? And doesn't this directly counteract the theory that women peak sexually in their 40s? Besides, what makes German ladies big ol' freaks in the bedroom anyway? They should have interviewed some straight up sex lovers like me.

"The rational for why a woman's sex drive declines may be down to supply and demand. If something is in infinite supply, the perceived value would drop," said one of the researchers. I disagree with that. It should read something like, "if the supply isn't as good as it was earlier in the relationship, then the demand will drop."

After all, isn't it after a few kids that some guys will start to develop all kinds of tendres for other younger women? Trust me, if I think you are screwing the secretary, there is no way I'm going to want to sleep with you anyway. Throw in the proverbial "mid-life crises", where guys try to relive their youth and you have a recipe for rejection and disaster. I think the fault must like somewhere in the male domain. After all, they need Viagra to get jiggy with it after a certain age, and some claim to lose attraction for the beautiful female form that has nursed and given birth to all their friggin' kids and want something younger and more supple.

I think I'm going to conduct my own study....just to disprove them. I need some volunteers that have been in relationships longer than four years. Is it true that security and commitment diminishes your sex drive? Or could it be that other facets like children, work, bills etc. get in the way and couples have less time to spend canoodling than they did in the past?

What are your thoughts?

Read the full article HERE.

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