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Friday, July 15, 2005

Bad First Dates

Alot of us are into the Internet Dating scene. It's a new, fresh way to date, and you screen out alot of ineligible men right from your computer screen. However, once in a while, an ineligible male might land into your net. The question is, what do you do with him?

On several occasions, I have gone out with someone that I knew wasn't a viable option...I just wanted to have something to do.
Is this right? No.
Did I still do it? Yes.
Did I have a lousy time on the date, wishing that I was at home washing my hair instead? Yes. Did I smile pleasantly, act polite and endure the WHOLE date as planned without cutting it short? Yes.
Did I mentally wrap my fingers around his throat and choke him silent as he prattled on about some trivial subject matter like the proper maintenance of gardening tools? Yes.
Did I tell him I had a great time even though we both know that I was just lying through my teeth? Yes.

Most women know within the first few minutes whether this date has potential or not. Some of us can even tell without the guy even opening his mouth. How does a Baaaad girl handle an awful date?

First of all, use the Hour Rule when setting first date plans. Your first date should never exceed an hour. Meet for drinks, which usually lands you in the 10-15 minute zone. You have just enough time to see him, check him out, decide if he's worthy or not and cinch the deal. After your first drink, decide if you want to have dinner with him and proceed from there. Consider the drinks an interview, if he aces it, then you can offer the next step. Coffee, slurpees, ice cream etc. all fall in this friendly meet & greet scenario. Public place, non threatening, fast service and simple choices...lots of benefits.

Always let him know that you have other plans. They could include a number of inane activities, but he doesn't know that. You don't have to be specific and say what they are and what time they are, but you have a ready excuse to dash if needed.

Remember the old system, of having your best friend call you with an 'Emergency' so you had to leave right away? Ummm, let's not do that. Guys see through that pretty easily nowadays, so don't be fronting.

And please, give these guys a fighting chance. Don't automatically rule him out because he's shorter than your 6 feet 6 inch prototype. Lets leave the shallow expectations at the door and hopefully he will do the same.

Oh yeah, and BE SAFE! Remember that you have got to always take care of Number One. Helen added, "Always let someone know where you are going and who you are meeting. Give them as much info you have about the person."

Any other tips from the sassy divas out there?


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