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Monday, June 20, 2005

Baby Mama Drama part 2

If you are a Baaaaad girl who somehow, through a broken condom, messed up birth control, super potent sperm or some freak of nature landed in the family way, I'm not dissing you. In fact, you should be applauded for having the guts to stick to your convictions and carry your child to term. Most women, (yours truly included) would take the easy way out of this dilemma and not have any compunction in doing so.

It's a hard thing to face, but most guys tend to freak when confronted with the "I'm Pregnant and I'm keeping it," speech. They will wheedle and cajole you, try everything to change your mind, short of sticking a hanger up you-know-where. They feel that they aren't up to the challenge of raising a kid, they worry about what their peers and family will think, and pretty much drive you up a wall with varied scenarios.

Eventually, he might come around...might being the operative word in that sentence. If he does, then your job will be made slightly easier; if he doesn't, then you are assuredly on your own.

Seek help from everywhere and anywhere you can. Mother Nature has given us 9 months to make preparations for the little 'bundle of joy' so use your nine months wisely. You'll probably be very tired, but you have to be proactive in planning your baby's future. Realize that your life is never going to be the same ever again and welcome the new stage with open arms.

Tell your family and friends, welcome their support and aid. Every little ounce of care that you can get will be essential to you as a new mother. Utilize your city's unwed mother programs and medicare. Surf the internet like you never have before and read up on anything and everything related to your pregnancy and motherhood. Leave no stone unturned.

After your child arrives, make sure that you have the correct documentation for child support payments. Take him to court if you need to and make sure your child has the best care possible. Hey, if a mega-mogul like P.Diddy can be ordered to shell out major bucks for his offspring, then your baby daddy can too.

And please, don't become the Baby Mama from hell. Even if he rejects you and traipses after another, you still have the future president of the United States/world peace bringer/cure-finder of AIDS to raise. You have to show your child a good example at all times and those traits aren't emulative.

So to the question what happens when a Baaaaad Girl gets pregnant and keeps it? She becomes the Baaaadest MILF on the block and raises her child with morals, respect, honor and integrity. And don't worry about not finding Mr. Right4Me...he will still find you, and still adore and cherish both you and your child.


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