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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hot Seat Questions

Okay, so Eb the Celeb definitely put me in the hot seat on this one. She takes inquisitive to a whole new level...guess I asked for it though!

What is there to do in Portland? Nothing. Unless you are the hippie, vegetarian, bar hopper, beer guzzler, or athletic I wanna jog, cycle, ski and climb mountains type. They have some good eats, lots of trendy shops downtown and a pretty decent art and music scene. It's a mixture of alot of good culture, but I'm still trying to find my way and it doesn't beat San Fran in my estimate.

How did you and your hubby meet and if your not married do you think he is the one. Damn, these are harder than TMI questions! So presently, we're engaged. I'm supposed to be planning a tri-continental in Nigeria, one in Israel and one in Costa Rica. Suffice to say, we're getting the money for all those tickets and weddings together. We are both from large extended cultural families so the first 2 satisfy the families and Costa Rica is for our close friends in the US and honeymoon. Tentative dates are next year. And we met online...I wrote an ad on Craigslist, it was so long and specific that it was almost anal. He's the only guy out of 200+ responses that answered all the questions and had a really hot pic. We met, got together and 3 years later here we are....Oh...and I do absolutely think he's the one.

I try not to talk about Norio on here because I'll start gushing and going on and on and on about how the sun shines out of his ass and how wonderful he is...(my friends hate that and I know my blog readers will too!). So really, don't get me started or this will turn into one of those I love my hubby so much blog posts.

And since you wouldn't answer it in the deadly sins... who are you lusting over besides your hubby? Well, I didn't answer because it's hard... no one really appeals to me like that, there isn't a guy that matches up. I know it's kinda cliche, but Norio is super hot..and his body and...other parts;), are just absolutely delish that I have no eyes or time for anyone else.

One actor that you are smitten over. I think Denzel and Will Smith are so talented.

Girl crush? Angelina Jolie. I would totally do her, weird blood vials and all.

What do you plan to do with this time off? So far I completed my final paper for this annoying class I'm almost done with, and I'm hosting a party at my house on Friday. I'm also catching up on my books and television! I need to mail off my passport for my European visa and set my house in order. Oh...and skydiving is on the list too.

Name one place you haven't been that you want to go before you die and why? That's a tough question. It's a toss up between the Seychelles because the pictures are so beautiful and Santorini. I'm traveling to Europe this December but those islands are just pure hot spots that I will visit on a summer vacation.

Can we get a pic? That would just elude the whole 'anonymity' thing on the internet.


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