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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Blame Game

Over at Baggage Reclaim, NML and the gang are serving up a thought provoking series called "30 Days of Drama Reduction". I suggest you head over there to read and learn useful tips in staying away from the Mr. Unavailable and all the drama that he brings.

Cheekie wrote a great article
the other day that struck a few chords with me. Here is an excerpt.

We only place blame when we cannot deal with or we fear dealing with something.

Doesn’t the adage ‘People treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated’ apply in this case?

When we blame men for the drama, and the bs in relationships, are we not relinquishing a bit of our own power? Are we not saying to the world that ‘Yes, I am willing to sit by this phone and wait forever for some guy who doesn’t want to be with me to call just to let me know that he knows I’m alive’.

Does that seem right to you?

AMEN Cheekie! Please, I urge you to read the rest of this post, it's such a true and honest way of looking at things. We as women need to step up to the plate and stop playing the blame game. It's not about casting blame, we should focus our energies instead in finding solutions and finding greatness, joy and happiness in ourselves. Visit Baggage Reclaim often and please leave comments. We all want to get rid of the baggage and Mr. Unavailables in our lives and find inner peace.


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