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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

TMI Tuesday

1. How are your March Madness picks doing? or What is your favorite event? Ummm, you must not have gotten the memo---I'm a girly girl. Girly girls like me don't do sports. I don't even know what March Madness is.
2. What is the best April Fool's joke - EVER? One of my coworkers filled a urine specimen cup with apple juice, then took it to the nurses station and stated that back in the old days, nurses used to tell if a patient had diabetes by how their urine tasted. He then opened the specimen cup and drank the urine! Half of us totally freaked and stared at him in abject horror, whilst he took another calm sip. I was dying with laughter watching everyone's face at his drinking the 'urine'. It's still the best Aprils Fool joke ever, and this is 7 years after it happened.
3. Valentine's Day - bogus holiday or romantic holiday? Totally bogus. It's a vapid Hallmark day as far as I'm concerned. I mean, why would I want to celebrate my love on the day that some priest was executed? How romantic is that?
4. If you made any New Year's Resolutions have you broken them yet? or What have you done lately to make yourself a better person? Of course I broke my resolutions, aren't they meant to be broken? I didn't even bother making that many this year, just a couple which I then proceeded to break the very next week. In fact, when I stated I would 'shop less, save more', I think I meant that as a future goal, like in 2010 or something.
5. If you believe in 'regret', what is your biggest regret? If you don't believe in 'regret', what do you call 'errors in judgment' or 'missed opportunities' in your philosophy of life? Here is my take on regrets. Most of my missed opportunities, I took full advantage of when they came around next. I call 'errors in judgement' being stupid or idiotic. Another 'duh' or 'uh-oh' moment.

Bonus (as in optional): Tell us about four things about yourself, one of which isn't true.


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