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Monday, November 05, 2007


What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger..., this was a litany that was running through my head during the last grueling 2 weeks. Much love to the fam for all the love poured my way, my lil' sis Kafo for keeping me in touch and handling the finances, Teri for all her wonderful cheery visits, presents (AND FOOD!) and especially Norio for keeping me sane. I won't even begin to lament all the woes and stuff encountered on here, but I'll be shouting that on my other blog in due time.

So much to say, so little time.

What's the news darlings? I've been cruising though the blogs, but you guys have blogged up a storm while I was gone! I've got 646 blogs on my Reader, so if you get a comment, consider yourself hugged by me. What have you all been up to? Who got a new job, new shoes, shopping spree or fab present? Who got married, who got laid, who kicked his ass to the curb? Leave a comment to catch me up, I feel so out of the loop!


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