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Sunday, October 21, 2007

When He Doesn't Get Off

I'm sleeping with this really great guy but we're kind of having issues. The chemistry and everything is there and we're both very much physically attracted to each other but he doesn't seem to get off when we have sex. He'll get really really hard pre-sex and stay really hard the entire time and we'll have sex forever in billions of different positions but he won't get off. Is it something I'm doing wrong or any ideas on what I can do?

Okay your guy...ummm, hate to tell you this but he masturbates. ALOT! Like more than the average joe. He masturbates so much that nothing but porn and jacking off will do it for him. I've been there, and I tried ever single thing I could think of, and it wasn't until homeboy confessed to his love of porn that I was able to realize that it wasn't my fault or anything wrong with me---it was him.

Some guys have a skewed perception of sex. Mostly because their sex lives incorporate mostly XXX rated movies and porn chicks that like getting sprayed on their faces. If you aren't able to roll with that, chances are he'll never get off. You could incorporate his fantasies into your sex life, but frankly it's not just any woman's cup of tea.

There are ways to dirty up your sex, turn from making love to fucking and becoming a raunchy nympho but if that's not your vibe, then it will come off as fake anyway and then you won't like it. Why have sex that isn't good for you?

Me---I ended up dumping the guy. I didn't want to be secondary to his ideal of the perfect love muffin. However, if you think it's a compromise you can live with, then do you. Just make sure you get your orgasms, flick on his fav porn flick and let him do his thing. Or you could be nice and do it for him.

Good luck.

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