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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TMI Tuesday

Okay, I'm suffering through an extreme bout of losing my muse...hence the silence. To find my Muse, I've decided to embark in TMI Tuesday. Okay, so today is Wednesday, I know, I know! Feel free to chime in with your answers to the questions, either on here or on your own blog. So, let's kiss and tell.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not suitable for anyone that knows me in real life. Proceed at your own risk!

1. Wash up, cuddle or fall asleep? Hmmm, it depends on how raw, dirty and messy the passionate romp was. Usually a quick wash-up with afterplay, followed by cuddling and falling asleep. So I guess it's all of the above.
2. Have you ever fake orgasms? Yes. Back in my younger, immature days, before I knew what a real orgasm was. Oh---and before I knew what a real lover was.
3. In any 24 hour period, what is the most number of time you have ever had sex? Five. It was after almost a 2 week separation from Norio last year after Thanksgiving. We had traveled to our respective families and reunited at the airport, to the hotel and straight to the bed. We checked into the hotel at 12 noon and left at 12 the next day. Needless to say our only foray to the outside world was to get the room service tray.
4. Have you ever had sex or give/received oral sex while you were driving a car? Yes. Dozens of times. Once even went all out and had sex while driving. Don't get any ideas people...that ish was crazy!
5. What do you think the average number of sexual partners your sex has in their lifetime (so for me a male)? Do you think most people lie when asked? I think most people lie when asked. At 26-29, I think the average woman would have had at least a dozen sexual partners (if not more). Probably only 2 or 3 of those were really remarkable. The numbers climb from there. Guys, I think they would have had probably 18. (Or they act like they've had that many!) Yes, I do agree we are in an oversexed generation.

Bonus (as in optional):Can men and women be "just friends?: Initially, maybe yes, but then someone always eventually wants more.


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