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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sex & Religion

One of my girlfriends called me today in a tizzy. Her man of almost a year, got guilt tripped by his ultra conservative mother about the sexual nature of their relationship. Something along the lines of "God doesn't want you to have pre-marital sex so stop..." Being a 'church boy', of course he immediately felt guilty for his 'sins' and has now put a stop to their sexual encounters.

Oh hell fuckin' no!

I could feel her outrage and resonated with it. It's one thing to be religious and not have sex, it's another thing to have had sex for almost a year every day and now just want to stop period cold turkey. I don't even think I would want to maintain a relationship with a guy at that point, it just reeks of years of sexual frustration. For some reason, a few of my friends have been caught in this pickle at one point or another since we graduated college....those church boys man, they are a trip.

Me, I stay away from church going men period. I like my sex red hot, dirty and guilt free with a side of cock and pussy action three times a day thank you very much. I refuse to be pegged as a 'sinner' when all I want to do is express my adoration for my partner. There is such a huge disconnect between the expectations of the Church and our generation, and sex is just the beginning.

I think that those of you that buy into the whole religion thing and it's for you...good for you. But don't try and shove it down my throat, I don't want none of the sanctimonious, holier than thou, repent and you will be saved bullshit. Life is too short without adding a burden of guilt on every single aspect of every single day.

To my former friend (different one) who had the unmitigated gall to label me a 'whore' because I'm no longer a virgin, kiss my ass. You're just jealous because I'm reveling in dozens of orgasms and you still don't know what a real one feels like. You're so busy keeping yourself 'pure' for a man that is probably fucking more than I am. Now that's irony.

So yeah, I happen to love sex. And there is no way I'm giving it up, so get over preaching to me let me fuck in piece.

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