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Sunday, September 23, 2007

To Tell or Not to Tell

Back to the discussion of the married guy with a mistress, I seem to have reached a crossroad---the dilemma is, do I tell his wife or do I keep my mouth shut?

I really like his wife, I adore her, she's such a phenomenal woman. The ethical thing would be to tell her that her husband is a two timing cheat, but won't that be worse? I mean, right now, she's living her life of idyllic bliss, secure in the feeling that her husband loves her. Who am I to shatter her illusions?

But I can't call myself a friend if I just keep it to myself right? I mean if I were in her shoes, I would want her to tell me. At the same time, Norio is doing the Guy Code thing, which means that he shouldn't have told me in the first place---and he did. He only told me because he trusts that I won't say a thing to her. So if I tell her don't I break that trust?

Good gracious...I have no clue. I really wish he hadn't told me....grrrrrr! Has anyone been caught in this kind of situation? What would you do?

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