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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Keeping Secrets

Wow...I never expected such an overwhelming response. I think that it was a swing vote. For some reason though, my sixth sense is telling me not to mention anything to Wifey at this time. I know that if it was me, I would want someone to tell me, however, I know how I feel about Norio and I know that I would most definitely be at outs with the messenger for a long ass time. In addition, it's going to be my word against her man---he can always deny it and I'll be looking like Bobo the Fool. Norio is so against me saying something to her, it was one of the prerequisites of him even telling me what about it. So yeah, can't break that promise.

Not only that, but Wifey is so smart...and she's been with him for almost a decade. Norio told me that he's been a 'dog from the very beginning', and no matter how slick he is, I'm sure that she must have suspected at least once that he's cheating on her. She's with him for a reason, perhaps it's the security, she loves him, she's keeping the family together, he's a great dad...etc. So I have to agree with the reader that said that me bringing it up to her will only make her private pain public. In addition---we aren't that close, more casual friends than bosom buddies, so I feel like it's not my place. Just because I expect strict fidelity in the bonds of my relationship doesn't mean that she is the same way with her relationship.

One thing I can pro actively do though, is not hang out with the Cheat anymore. I can't look at him without wanting to stare at him cross eyed and scratch his face out. Which means that I can't hang out with her anymore; because the more time I spend with her, the more I'll be inclined to spill the beans. This sucks.

Fortunately Norio & I are moving out of state, so I guess the move comes at a great time. Thanks for your input everyone---the comments, the text messages, the phone calls. You all are great.

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