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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Amante

Definition: An amante is an Italian word the describes the lover/affair you have when you are married. The amorous relationship is strictly passionate and both parties know the boundaries of the affair and don't want it to spill over to real life.

In some European countries, the amante is 'expected and accepted' especially in marriages that are one of convenience, arranged, family titles, influence, money and power. Both couples live their lives 'sensing' that their partners are having affairs and yet turning the blind eye. In the public, they are the ideal couple and seem to have a marriage that is all together. They own property, have children, take vacations together, speak highly of one another and are openly adoring of their spouse---one wouldn't assume that there was an illicit affair stinking up the mix.

Last year, Norio introduced me to some friends of his, a couple that had been together for almost a decade. I had met the guy previously, and the high praise he had heaped on his lady made me want to meet her. She turned out to be all that and more, and we both clicked on so many levels. We all ended up having dinners together, double date nights etc. Fast forward to last week, the guy boasted to Norio about his Amante.

Grrrrr! I'm still shocked and surprised about this. His babe is all that and a bag of chips, a beautiful Bad Girl to the fullest extent, and yet he would choose a roll in the hay with some trollop---a dumb chick that the only thing she has going for her is her ass. Oh and maybe her blowjob skills. I'm so frustrated about this. I wish Norio hadn't told me, because of course now I'll never look at the guy the same way again. I want to shake him and scream "What the fuck are you doing???"

"But how could he do that? I thought he loved his Wifey," was my outraged response.

"Yes, he does. He would give his life for her--and their kids too. The Amante is just a plaything...nothing more."

Why does he need a plaything when he has such a great woman at home? And he's not the only one. Come to find out on talking to several people, that there are many who apparently view affairs so casually. In fact, the music director of my former church is screwing a church lady, right under his wife's nose, someone that his wife invites for Sunday dinner. Talk about balls of steel.

On top of that both of the guys would never in a million years leave their woman, and don't consider themselves in the wrong for fucking other people. I'm not party to the private details of either relationship---but on the outside both relationships seemed very strong and loving.

If I was a guy (and every day I thank God that I'm not!), I would never, ever scratch the itch with some random chick while my wife is at home cooking me dinner. It's the highest insult and highest form of disrespect---especially that the Amante is neither hotter, smarter or better than she.

Is this really a prevalent trend that is widely accepted? Or do I just happen to know a bunch of cheating idiots?


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