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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Inter Faith Relationships

One of my dear friends asked me a question today about being in a relationship with someone from an alternate religion and belief system. How do you cope and is it really worth it?

There are strong points of view that believe that interfaith dating/relationships/marriages is an exercise in futility. People are quick to point out that Paul said, "Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers" and all that jazz. On top of it, the second line of thought is; if you have children, you kids will be confused as to what religion to follow. Another argument is that relationships are hard enough without having the difficulty of opposite beliefs thrown in.

This is a topic that strikes a few chords with me so forgive my lack of objectivity. I feel that there are only issues in your relationship from religion when you allow it to be. If the foundation of your relationship is built on communication and mutual respect for each other's views and beliefs, then it shouldn't be a problem. You might claim this as an idealistic approach but love is truly the greatest unifier. Each member should be allowed to belief what they choose to belief without forcing the other person to do the same. Just because you are together doesn't mean you have to be Siamese twins. God created us different for a reason, so use the difference as a foundation of learning more rather than causing separation.

Another huge difficulty is the family and friends. It's harder when you were raised in a faith that all your family and most friends are subject to. For some reason, it casts your mate as the outsider. If you are still living your life to please others then you shouldn't be in a relationship anyway.

I believe that children should be allowed to freely learn about all faiths and choose once they are mature enough the right belief system for them. This in turn makes them more well rounded and accepting adults, and not stuck in a narrow minded paradigm that alot of staunch believers end up in.

I wouldn't encourage an interfaith relationship just for the fun of it, however if you do find yourself falling in love with a guy that is different from you, don't be so quick to run screaming in the other direction. The world is so vast, one's possibilities are limitless, and love does come in all shapes, colors, beliefs and sizes. So embrace everyone with a open hearted universal love. Practice what you preach.


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