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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bridesmaid Dress

Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone! Wow...I actually thought this blog was sleepy comment-wise until yesterday!

I loved the tea length dress idea but the Bride is very adamant that the dress be Cornflower Blue and they don't have any shorter dresses in that color. I was looking though!

My final choice is Dress A...even though it's rumored to be heavy, it looks divine, fits like a dream and isn't as flashy as the other one. In addition, it's sedate but sexy at the same time---which is a good look for a seriously committed babe.

I think A is exquisite and will make me look as gorgeous as can be without upstaging the Bride. I will be ordering it this weekend.

Thanks for the contributions everyone:) I'll be sure to take pix so you can see the final product.

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