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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

True Connection

Definition: I choose to define connection as a complete melding of two people on every single plane imaginable. It's a compilation of traits and personalities that blends so effortlessly into a beautiful harmony. Connection is a bond between 'soul mates', that transcends every single thing you've ever known about love.

Having chemistry is just a small part of being connected. Being connected equals a compatibility that isn't just similar as is complementary. Where you are weak, he is strong. What he lacks, you fulfill. It's a synchronous combination of skills, character traits, personalities, attitudes and people into a beautiful blend of completion. A true connection flows naturally from the adjoining of two souls and does not require any contrived efforts. It is as if the two people were listening to the same radio station and are experiencing the same vibration at the same time. The essence of true chemistry is multi-layered, so the sense of connectedness is experienced regardless of the particular activity or circumstance the couple might find themselves in.

So how can you tell if you are in a truly connected relationship?If you are asking yourself this question then you are most likely not in a truly connected relationship. True connectedness is apparent from the instant you experience it and will make you feel overwhelmed with a sense of completion. While there are other types of relationships that can be quite positive and intriguing, there are none that will touch your soul so naturally.

Furthermore, true connections do really exist and can be attained but rely on a number of factors being in place. Both people must be in a place where they can be receptive and open to the connection. If someone is fresh out of a relationship and continues to carry previous or unresolved emotional baggage that would contradict the natural state one must be in to recognize the connectedness for what it truly is. This can lead to hurt if one person is in the state to experience the full magnitude of the connection and the other is in an altered state and thus either oblivious to it or simply refuses to accept it. The best way to find this type of connection is to get right within yourself before you pursue a relationship and out of a sense of wholeness within you find the person who compliments your true self.

So for those of us who are in a relationship that we feel right about but perhaps not truly connected, should we settle? It is entirely up to you and there is no rule about what relationship is right for you. There are many healthy types of relationships that can work out and provide us with a sense of completion and perhaps we do not feel as though we are settling. Even in the most connected relationship there will always be some challenges and obstacles to our contentment. That is why we desire to find someone who will be there through thick and through thin. This, however, does not mean that we can't get it right the first time. We need to get right within and find our partner not out of a sense of insecurity but out of a sense of self-love.

Yes, it is the epitome of a relationship, one that we wish we could all have. It's kinetic.

Your thoughts?

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