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Monday, June 19, 2006

C Note's New CD

I had the pleasure of reviewing C Note's new album that releases August 17, 2006. At first, hearing that it was a Latino pop band I wasn't that impressed to do the review, but on actually going through the CD my thinking changed.

Not only do they have amazing vocals that surpass the vocal talents in the more common boybands of today/yesterday (think NSYNC, 98 Degrees etc), they also have intense and unique beats, amazing transitions, a very mature message and the ability to transcend all genres of music. There is a little in this 21 song CD for everyone, from the hard core Latino flavors to pop, hip hop and even some dance beats thrown in. My favorite songs were ballads like Forgive Me (11), All of Me (5), Show Me(2), The Way I Gotta Be (14), & Still (16) . By the way the tracks were untitled on my album so I'm not sure if these are the real titles or not.

There is alot of Latino words, mixed Spanglish and phrases layered through all the songs, but even a pure Anglo as myself could make out the essence and meaning of each lyric. If you are into the Latino hip hop/R&B genre, singers like Marcos Hernandez then this one is highly recommended for your collection.

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