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Friday, June 16, 2006

1. Good Food

In this day and age, it’s getting easier and easier to actually go through life not knowing how to cook. Our mothers were installed in the kitchen at an early age and can whip up meals that leave our senses reeling and have the magic touch with every dish in the kitchen.

Cooking is an essential tradition passed down from mothers to daughters since the dawn of time. It’s actually a rite of passage in some cultures that the females should know how to cook before they reach maturity.

There is the adage that says, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” and other sayings that tell us what we already know. Men love to eat! Christine mentioned something else that was totally relevant, "The Man-Stomach thing is an incredible phenomenon. However, if you do it too soon or before he cooks for you or at least several restaurant meals, he will see you in a role that you may not want or have time for. This could lead to disappointment later. You thought you were doing something nice and he thought after the courtship was over you're his mama. Been there, done that and eeewwwww." So don't break out the mad cooking skills too early in the relationship. Especially not on the first date. Or second for that matter.

Some of us are practically 5 star chefs in the kitchen, while others can only get by. However, there is something about actually putting the effort in to cook a meal for you guy that says alot more than words could ever do. I like you. I really like you. I like you so much that I slaved over a hot stove for hours for you. I love you. I want to spoil you. I want to baby you. I want to whip up delectable dishes that leave your palate craving more. I want to rival every woman you've ever met in the kitchen. I want to cater to you.

Granted, it's kind of hard to whip up his favorite dish the way his mom used to do, but at least you get an A for effort, right? Keep in mind that simple dishes are often the most appreciated. You don't have to cook a 7 course meal of some unidentifible concotion that is eaten in Spain or France---just even the basics will do. Steak, chicken, pasta, rice, etc. Pick any staple and you already have your main course. Throw in a salad (they sell those pre-washed greens now, dice some tomatoes in it and sprinkle some cheese and you have your appetizer). In addition steam some vegetables for a balanced meal. You can always buy (or make) a dessert. Voila, you are done!

The question remains, how do you cater to your man’s appetite when you don’t know how to cook? Not everyone is fortunate enough to have Mother Dearest showing us the ropes in the kitchen. Some haven’t been taught or some taught very badly. Some girls have been tomboys all their lives and cooking was never something they were interested in. Some of us, even though we have the best intentions turn out to be utterly abysmal in the kitchen!

The basics of cooking are simple: Utensils, Heat and Ingredients, however it’s the mixing of these that causes the problem. Here are some tips to help you sassy divas manage to whip something up once in a while.

1. Get over your fear of the kitchen: Sure it’s a dusty room in your house that is rarely used except for your morning staples but that doesn’t mean that it should intimidate you. Decorate it with colourful towels, shiny appliances and nifty tools to make your cooking a pleasure.

2. Be your own guinea pig: Yeah, as much as your guy loves you, I don’t think he’s going to want to try your green eggs and ham after you just tried poisoning him with some toxic broccoli the night before. Try out your cooking on yourself first–does it taste good? Need less salt? Need more garlic? You have to be your own tester until you are more confident in your skills.

3. Learn how to cook the staples: Rice, pasta and potatoes are the staples that turn out to be key basics to every diet. Sure, they are all carbs but easy enough to cook. Get a rice cooker, follow the directions EXACTLY on the back of that pasta box or microwave those potatoes for 2 minutes each (after washing and piercing the skin) for a perfect baked potato. These are the staples to every meal and can be added with other options for a savoury dish.

4. Know how to cook 1-2 meals–Perfectly: I’m sure that you have your favourite dish that you can make with your eyes closed. It could be whipping up a cheese omelette, throwing together a healthy salad or some fried chicken, whatever it is, excel in it. Let this be your fall back dish, something that you know that you will never go wrong in.

5. Take Lessons: If you have extra money/time you can invest in a cooking class at the local university, a friend, your mom, some community classes at the YMCA or even a bonafide Cordon Bleu course. This might give you the added confidence you need in the kitchen and some more ideas to work with.

6. Shop for easy to cook, pre-packaged meals: Nowadays they make all kinds of dishes that are already pre-done found at your local grocery store. They have everything from pre-cooked meats, casseroles and pot pies. Sure it’s not original and authentic, but it’s edible and easy. Follow the directions on the back of the box exactly and you will get the desired results. If any catastrophic happens you can sue the company and make a load of moolah that you can use to hire your own cook. Either way, it’s a win/win scenario.

7. Get Recipes: The best way to enlarge your prowess in the kitchen is to cook, cook, cook. So look for recipes for different dishes on the Internet, try them out and then when you have it just right, serve it to your man.

8. Set the Mood: You might just be serving up a chicken/pasta dinner, but with the right ambiance, he will feel like he’s dining like a king. Plus, every woman glows under candlelight so feel free to turn up the Luther Vandross, turn down the lights and break out your ’special’ china/lingerie.

9. Back up Plans: If your meal doesn’t turn out like you planned, you might have to trash it or feed it to Fido before he comes. Make sure you have the number of the deliveryman ready just in case.

10. Don’t Knock Your Cooking: It’s all in the presentation. If you present the meal to him like it’s the best dish on the face of the earth, he has no choice but to try it and enjoy it. He knows that he can’t criticise you for trying and will in fact just appreciate the gesture rather than laugh at you. Or else....

Your thoughts?


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