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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Catering to Your Man

The next set of articles that I will be publishing have to do with catering to our men. It's been proven to us time and time again that landing a guy isn't the main problem, it's keeping him, that's when things start to get dicey.

When I hit puberty my dad dragged me into his office for a little speech. He told me that now that I was a 'grown woman' there are some things that I need to know about the opposite sex. He assured me that these tips he had given to many of his marriage counseling clients and they had worked to great success.

"There are five basic facets in holding on to a good man. If you do all these, you have a better chance of keeping him interested in you and keep your marriage solid," he stated. Why he was telling me, a 15 year old about marriage is waaaay beyond me but I'll let that rest.

Needless to say, a decade after the fact, even I have realized that some of the precepts he laid down to me that day were pretty insightful. So now I'm going to share them all with you. Here's my Dad's formula to hanging on to your good man. (Note the emphasis on the 'good man' part.)
  1. Good food
  2. Good lovin'
  3. Good listener
  4. Good body
  5. Good housekeeping
Yes, it looks pretty simple but apparently there's alot more to the basic formula. If any of you want to add another thing to the list that you think is imperative, do so here. Each point will be expounded upon at a later date.

Your thoughts?

"It seems very focused on the woman maintaining the relationship. Men need to step up and keep us interested and vested in the relationship too." ~ Andrea, Amen to that! I do agree that a guy needs to step it up as well, however, being that this blog caters mostly to women, I've decided to approach it from a a woman's perspective. The proof in the pudding of every good relationship is the level of reciprocity. If all actions aren't kept on an even keel, then someone is bound to get upset. Naturally, I would assume that guys know that they have to step up the game too---but I'll spell it out here because we all know how they can be!;) If you have a good woman fellas, don't let me remind you to not slack off once you think you 'have' her. It's that rapid chameleon change that irks alot of ladies causing them to give you the boot. Treat her with respect, love and the same level of romance you did when you were courting her, and you will be surprised at the level of reciprocity she shows in return. But this, is a blog post for another day.

"3 things i want to add: 1) Respect, 2) Trust,3) Communications" ~ Jas. Good point sweets however I'm focusing more on the actions that maintain a good relationship and not the elements that one would expect every good relationship to have. It's a minute distinction, but if I honestly was going to write about a good relationship----it would take me more than a short series. In addition to that, I'd be going on and on and on about my relationships, and we all know how tiresome that could be;)

Stuckey, I'll be sure to add those comments when I do the listening post.



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