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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tantra for Erotic Empowerment

When you think about Tantra, the first thing that leaps to my mind is vivid images of the Kama Sutra. However this book has shown me that there is such a deep and undeveloped essence to one's sexuality, and that the boundaries that the Western world has placed on us is only existing in our minds. Sexuality isn't bad, it isn't a sin, it isn't forbidden. It's beautiful.

With all kinds of wonderful exercises, Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson inspire and explore the world to tantra with you, taking you from the elementary to the spiritual. The book is like a course, and each lesson builds on another, showing you have to deepen your love life, your sexuality and also apply these principles to every element of your life.

A line of thought like Your Very Being is Divine allows you to fully accept and empower every single part of you, from the flawless to the flawed. It's in essence a deep self worship, and then and only then can you allow your lover to love and worship you as well. Everything about tantra is explored in this 200+ page book. It has a glossary at the end as well as different exercises that will release and enhance your essence. The book works for a novice or curious mind that wants to learn more about tantra to an experience tantric lover that wants to deepen his existence on the tantric level.

Tantra isn't just all about experiencing orgasm, it's about reaching the highest level of spirituality and intensity that you can with yourself and with your lover. This book opened my minds to the realms of loving that even Western influences can't tarnish. Best read with the Essence of Tantric Sexuality, a tome that explores the history and development of tantra.

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