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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Points, The Relationships Survival Guide For People That Don't Like Relationship Survival Guides

This book was definitely one for the guys. And by guys I mean the type of guys that I wouldn't date. A specific group of guys that see the world through sports, don't know a thing about grocery shopping, don't read books, and think going to Las Vegas qualifies as visiting a Wonder of the World. The stance of women is stereo-typical as well, at times even bordering on the archaic principles of woman in the kitchen running the household while guy sits in front of television getting fat.

The Points system is a ridiculous way of keeping score, and manipulating each other in a relationship. Even if a relationship was based on the premise of points, I refuse to believe that acting or saying a certain thing just to get 'points' is a way to have a fulfilling and happy relationship with someone you love. FYI: Not every woman likes roses, or champagne, or those idiotic sappy over the top romantic gestures. We want your affection and presents to come from the heart, and not from a place of trying to get control.

It's supposed to be the spoof or flippant way of turning the script on such bestsellers like She's Just Not that Into You and Why You are Still Single, so I guess in that direction it fits it's goals.

However, I just don't get it. Even as a woman with an open mind, I think that keeping lists and scores of how you rank in the sight of your beloved is a waste of energy and time. But hey, that's just me. Maybe from a guy's perspective it makes sense.

I will grant that it's tongue-in-cheek attitude is hilarious, and I think the author doesn't take himself too seriously. The anecdotes were funny as hell and seeing alot of scenarios from the guys' perspective made me understand a bit better how limited the certain male minds can be.
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So, did anyone else read this yet, and if so, what are your thoughts?


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