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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dealing with Regrets

We all have moments of guilt over decisions and choices we have made in the past. Hindsight is indeed perfect and I'm sure that there might be one or two instances in your past that you would like to go back to, if only for the purpose of changing or rewriting history.

As much as you want to---yeah, it is impossible to change your past. However, you can learn from it and never make the same mistakes (or variations of those mistakes) over again. The most unpleasant aspect of bad choices/judgement is the consequences of those actions, and for many, it's the consequences that we come to regret, and not the action itself.

Even though it's such a hard thing to do on a consistent basis, I try to never feel regret over my mistakes. My belief is that every single experience I've had on this earth; good, bad or indifferent had in some shape or form the power into making me become the person I am today. I totally love this person---this woman that I am and wouldn't change anything about her. I'm stronger, wiser and more in touch with myself, not only because of those experiences but in spite of them.

Of course, I'm a glass half full kinda girl. How do you deal with regret?
Your thoughts please.

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