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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Valentine's Day isn't a day just for lovers.

It's a day to celebrate the beauty and wonder of being a woman. I call Valentine's Day V-Day, the day of the blessed Vagina, when SHE proves that yet again since the days of old, men are still doing anything to get to her. Ancient religions and cultures used to celebrate and worship and female deity, recognizing that we are the life givers and joy givers to the earth. Mother Nature, Mother Earth, every nurturing characteristic on this planet stems or flows back to the sacred V.

V-Day is a day of pure worship to the pussy. The whole world celebrates and caters to her, some subconsciously following the traditions as old as time...everyone wants the vagina. Don't forget to show yours some love too, for it is the V that makes you the light in the world.

So today, don't just focus on the commercial aspect of Valentine's day and what gifts you are getting and where you are going for dinner. Look past all the roses and chocolates and embrace your full womanhood. V-Day is really all about you.


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