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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Interracial Dating Survey Results!

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes yesterday, I had such a total blast! Methinks I have the best friends/family in the world. And I'm posting a correction here as Mistress eloquently said, 26 isn't late 20s yet...hehehe.

Dr. Annie over at Smart at Love has collated the results of the inter-racial survey we took a few months ago. By the way, she's featured in October's issue of Cosmopolitan magazine illustriously on page 70 so be sure to check it out!

When I posted the “Interracial Dating and Relationships Survey” on my blog, Vixen encouraged the readers here to go take it. And I promised that when I got enough responses, I’d come back here FIRST and share the results!

Well, over 100 people (ages 16-58, 85% women, 15% men) have participated in the survey so far. The majority of participants (48%) described themselves as “Caucasian/White,” followed by “African/Caribbean/Black” (26.8%), and “Asian” (18%). All other races were represented at 5% and less.

Now, depending on what you personally think of people from different races getting together, the results of the survey so far could sound like good news……or bad news.

What’s clear is that the majority of people who have taken the survey have had some interracial dating and mating experience. In fact, 90% have been out on a date with a person from a different race, and 62% have been in a serious relationship with a person from a different race.

What’s so tempting to people about the idea of interracial dating?

While way over half of the participants in the survey reported that they didn’t even notice race -- and it was just about being attracted to an individual -- a majority of people agreed that the following is a major reason for being open to looking for love outside their own race:

“Finding love is hard enough without limiting my dating pool to people from my own race.”

Speaking of what’s tempting to people about the idea of interracial dating, how about alleged differences in sexual prowess based on race? On the survey, more than 20% of people said they believed that when it comes to being good at sex, certain races have a “definite advantage” over others.

That 20% was a bit higher than I expected, and I wish now that I had asked WHICH races they believe have that advantage…….and why!

And then, as one woman candidly described in her write-in answer:

“I get bored and sometimes men outside my race are most interesting and adventurous.”

So, how about the reasons that would stop people from getting involved with someone outside their race?

Although 41% of the survey participants reported that nothing would stop them from getting into an interracial relationship, two of the most common concerns were disapproval from family/friends, and being used by the other person simply for an “interracial experience.”

I was also interested in one woman’s write-in response to the question, “What might stop you from getting into an interracial relationship?” Here’s what she wrote:

“Relationships are hard enough as it is -- why add to it? But maybe that’s an excuse…”

So…….what do you think. Is that an excuse?

And thanks again to Vixen for promoting this survey, and for those of you who expressed your opinions on it already! It’s still available for people to take at


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