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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sexual Safety

Liz wrote an excellent article on the Elexa blog on being a caretaker of your sexual safety.

How do I take responsibility for my sexual safety? I lock my door behind me. Every time. Laundry, run to the mailbox - every time. I work on clear communication about sexual situations. And let's face it, anyone trying to say that I picked them up in a bar and had consensual sex is going to have a hell of a time selling it because of who I am. That works for me.

If I'm meeting someone I don't know personally and a friend can't vouch, then I meet them somewhere. I don't get into cars, and I don't take men home from bars. I certainly don't put up personal ads to "hook up" with strange people in strange places. I've never even met a potential roommate or sold someone a piece of furniture without having someone else present, and if I had to I would at least send all available information to a friend and schedule a safety call.

If someone gets violent with you - and I certainly hope that never happens - absolutely, they are at fault.

But me, I make it my business to lessen the odds in my favor.

For each of us, our tendencies might be quite similar, more rigid or perhaps more lenient. But if anything, please ladies, let's just be AWARE at all times. Keep your sixth sense on and alert. You can never, ever be too safe when it comes to sexual predators, rape & assault. Always have a friend to watch your back if you know you are going to be excessively drinking that night and put your safety first at all times.

We've heard stories upon stories of girls who were abducted in parking lots and parties, never to be seen or heard from again. Don't become a statistic.

Stay safe. Stay smart.


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