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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Try Something New: 69

When I was in college, somehow I got the nickname 34.5. Considering that back then, my virginal self didn't even know what the hell 69 was, I kept wondering why everyone would snicker when they said the name. My experience with the 69 has been that either I'm too flustered by what he's doing to me to continue giving him a BJ or I'm enjoying giving him head too much to even give myself up to an orgasm. Either way, I feel distracted and not totally in the moment. Perhaps one day I will develop some better multi-tasking skills. Laura offers up some interesting thoughts for the weekend.
"I definitely won’t deny that sex is an indispensable part of all happy relations. In order to make these relations even better, even stronger and even more sensual we first of all try to diversify our sexual side of life.

This is what my beloved offered me last night: to try something new, something that will enrich our mutual sensations and consequently our everyday life. He suggested that we try 69-position… Frankly speaking I was a bit embarrassed, since the experience was absolutely new for me. Nevertheless, I resolved to try it and can’t wait to share my emotions and observations with you!

That was something: I cast aside my shyness to enjoy sensations of mutual and simultaneous giving and receiving process! Hot breathing and tender tongue of my sweetheart made me kiss his flesh even more intensively. It was a kind of merging: we became a single whole – alive burning organism. And gradually this sensual organism burst with passion and love and exhausted we fell down able to whisper the only words: “I love you, babe”…

Thus 69-position gave me absolutely new feelings and I know that we will try it again and again to discover new sensations and become closer to each other. Yet, I’m sure that in order to receive full rainbow of sensations granted by this awesome position certain conditions should be taken into account:

Trust: First and foremost partners should perfectly know each other to avoid possible misunderstanding and awkwardness.
Comfort: Make yourself comfortable to keep your knees and arms from numbness. Otherwise the whole pleasure will turn into pure torture.
Imagination: Don’t restrain yourself! Remember: the more you give, the more you receive and vice versa.
And the last but not the least, real feeling, i.e. LOVE makes any position most pleasant, sensual and versatile."
Your thoughts?

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