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Sunday, July 23, 2006

She's the Man ---and the Girl!

by Andy Fickman

Amanda Bynes proves that girls can do anything guys can do in She’s the Man. The laughs are non-stop when Viola (Bynes), disguised as her twin brother, Sebastian (James Kirk), joins the high school boys’ soccer team and helps win the big game while unexpectedly falling for Duke (Channing Tatum) the hot star forward. Viola discovers that dealing with high school politics and twisted love triangles is a major challenge when you’re a guy who’s really a girl! From the writers of Legally Blonde, She’s the Man features an ensemble cast of up and coming stars and hit songs from OK-Go, The Veronicas & the F-ups. It’s perfect for good-time fun!

I jumped at the chance to check this movie out because I didn’t get to see it in the theatres. It’s an adaptation of Shakespeare’s the Twelfth Night, and actually is pretty well told and sticks well to the original. For a Shakespeare adaptation, you would think that the plot would fall flat on it’s face (as seen with the debacle O) but that is not the case here.

The casting was superb, with Amanda Bynes doing a great job acting both as Viola & Sebastian. For the ladies, we have alot of eye candy, with Channing Tatum’s steamy bedroom eyes walking around shirtless for half the movie. For the guys, we have those sexy teens strutting around in cheerleading outfits and some sports thrown in.

It’s a high school movie, with some soccer thrown in to amp it up a bit. The characters were very well defined, each having active screen time and had an interlacing backstory that filled out nicely with the plot. The plot flowed quite well together and even had some genuine laugh out loud moments.

This movie is highly recommended for those of you that enjoyed 10 Things I Hate About You, Save the Last Dance and other films of that type.


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