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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Hey guys,

I just wanted to thank you for all the kind words & emails that I've gotten this last week. I tried to reply everyone individually but some people aren't on Blogger/didn't sign in so I might have missed you. Anyway, thank you soooooo much for all your support.

I know the old readers all know that I regularly read the comments, however, due to some more new projects I might not be able to actively respond as I have before. If you have a question or need something, don't hesitate to shoot me an email. It might take me a couple of days but I will get back to you.

Baggage Reclaim is doing it's thing, thanks mostly to NML & NYM. I know I haven't talked about it in a while but there are always awesome articles up there with a similar theme as the Bad Girls Guide. I know that Carmentza & Annie are regular readers as well as many others, check it out, I know you'll find stuff you like:)

The Elexa SexySmart Blog is really taking off. If you haven't checked it out, don't hesitate too when you have time. Please leave comments as well. As a bonus you get to see a face shot of me (for those of you who aren't on Myspace). I like to think I look somehow like the girl on the swing, except I'm sexier, with more arresting eyes, darker and have a bigger butt.

I've also added the new platform of coComment so (if it works), any comments I leave on your blog should automatically show up in that rose-colored box on the sidebar. As usual, if you are in my Reader I'm reading your blogs, mostly lurking but loving the window into your lives.

I'm trying to keep the schedule of three posts a week, with an occasional trackback from any of my fav bloggers that I come across. Hopefully the routine won't be as interrupted as it was this past fortnight.

Enjoy your weekends everyone. I'm taking a much needed rest!


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