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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Rules of a One Night Stand

I've been reading a blog by a new Singleton who has been trying to have a one night stand for what seems like forever in her eyes. For one reason or another, the guys (5 at the last count) have all eliminated themselves from the running. This isn't because of any lack on her part, she's sexy, confident, intelligent and has her own place, but it's because the guys---have been caught slacking off in one way or another. What's up? I thought guys wanted to get picked up?

Don't take this the wrong way guys---but honestly, there are women out there who aren't all for a relationship. We aren't looking for you to instantly become a boyfriend. We just want a good shag session. Why is that so hard to find???

Well, here's a little rant dedicated to SBCD in the hopes that she (and all the other ladies out there like her, do find what they are looking for).

One Night Stand Rules
Love the new additions:)
Anything else to add ladies?


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