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Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Best Lover

Laura over at Real Sex Tips wrote this awesome article about the traits of one's best lover. I agree with all of them whole heartedly. Except for me #5 is the most important---the first on my mind and the one that makes everything else click into place. Do you think that we can only have a few best lovers? Or perhaps even just one? And do you think that if you happen to have a great man---who isn't (for one reason or another) your best lover that you will be truly satisfied?

Sometimes I try to find out the key to fantastic sex and search for the answer why it felt so good with one person and otherwise with the other. Why do we call someone a fabulous lover and go mad in his presence, while Mr. Incredible seemed to have used all the "right techniques" but the fact didn't survived in my memory somehow. Thus I understand that there are some evident signs of what I would call "my best lover":
1. My best lover makes me feel comfortable. That implies, that I feel at ease with him and we are both open enough to discuss all the delicate matters which arouse in our bedroom.
2. My best lover enjoys sex! You may ask, and who doesn't? I would say that many people have sex for many reasons but enjoyment. A lot of men are more concerned with their performance rather than a true desire to enjoy the process itself.
3. My best lover has an idea of woman sexuality. He doesn't think that sex is simply about hitting your vagina deeper. He knows that I need affection and I need time to reveal the complexity of my sexual reactions above all, that's why he is receptive to my urges.
4. My best lover is open to experiments. This doesn’t mean he just twirls me vigorously, trying all the existing sex position. It's more like his unprejudiced attitude towards new practices which may become a real discovery for both of us.
5. My best lover comes closer to my body right after he'd come closer…to my heart.

Your thoughts?


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