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Monday, July 17, 2006

Roses to Ashes

At the beginning of a new relationship, everything is nice and rosy, with each of you excited to see the other person, and each doing sweet things to make the other person feel special. As all new relationships, the romance does fade, and this is one of the things that will distinguish a lasting relationship from a breakup right after the honeymoon phase relationship.

It's not that the excitement really disappears, it's more of the fact that he/she has already proven themselves to be a great catch. They got you---you're committed, so now it's time to let loose. So either they stop putting forth the extra effort, start letting their true colors show or just become a less glamorous version of themselves.

It's here that people notice the habits that weren't noticed before, the annoying stuff that eventually gets under their skin. It's here that the abusers, whiners, complainers and the like start morphing to a worse version of the person you thought you knew. It's here that the mirage fades, and what you thought was a handsome guy who 'cared' about you becomes a demon of the worst kind.

If everyone was honest, upfront and themselves from the very beginning---this wouldn't be such a problem. However, you have to bear in mind that the issues that you start to notice post-honeymoon, were already there in the beginning. You just had your damn rose tinted goggles on and refused to see the light.

Perhaps if we paid more attention to those red flags, we'll have less stuff to regret later. Perhaps if we let sex stop becoming such a powerful deciding factor we can have less clouded judgment. Perhaps if we listen to our intuition and sixth sense, we can truly discern a bad character before we let our heart get in the mix to get broken.


Your thoughts?


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