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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Re: Acceptance

Brad K left this comment on the blog yesterday that I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention. I feel that this is a salient point to add to the discussion.
We don't live in a vacuum. That is, we have family, we have schools (with their mixed messages), we have governments and churches. And centuries of cultural baggage .. um .. heritage. Most of our traditions of marriage in Europe and the US go back to the Italians and the Renaissance. Then the family arranged the marriage, and the bride was nearly a commodity. So if today a 'defective' bride is put aside, there is cultural precedent. That a wife stays with her husband is expected, she had no recourse under the law unless she (successfully) ran away. Girls are still taught to find 'Mr. Right', and boys to find 'the best girl'. A slight difference in emphasis. A guy has to do something (wrong) to stop being 'right', while a girl just has to stop being 'the best' to lose her credentials for being picked.

We have to understand our culture, what our churches and our governments and our family and friends expect and believe, as well as whether we as individuals have 'character'. We have to consider whether to change what we teach our children if we want them to have better lives.

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