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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Thrill Every Inch of Him

As I was browsing through last month's Cosmopolitan, yes I do read that stuff, but don't get to it until I'm totally out of books to read, I stumbled across an article that incited my very curious mind into doing some testing. Written by Ronnie Koenig, these 'mind-blowing moves will electrify your guy's whole bod and leave him begging for your touch."

With a tagline like that, of course I had to try it out, using my guy as a guinea pig. I even got a pen and scored it according to what He thought it should be scored.

Naughty Neck Nibble: Yes, we do tend to do this alot. But it's suggested to let your mouth meander over to the side of his neck, right beside his ear. Starting with gentle tongue swirls, gradually progress to slightly more forceful nibbles and nips, the kind that suggest animalistic passion. Magnify with a zig-zag pattern so he can't predict where your lips will land next. This is waaaaay too technical for my spontaneous nature, so I just kissed around his neck and earlobes until I got bored with it. His score:8.5| My score: 6.8

Tailbone Tickle: Located just below the small of his back is the coccyx, a traingular bone that is a bundle of nerves connected to his penis and the main muscles in his butt. Have him lie on his stomach, glide your fingertips in tight circles across his tailbone, slowly fanning out and making your circles larger so you graze his buttocks. I had to add a tantalizing kiss at the end of that move, just at his coccyx to spice it up. His score:9.5| My score: 7.3---yeah, yeah, I'm a strict grader.

Package Pump: Where the hell do they get these names from? Jeez! While sitting behind your guy with his knees bent and his legs spread (legs spread= added vulnerability), reach your hands around and trace your fingers along his inner thighs, from his knees to his groin. The skin here is the thinnest on the body and rarely receives erotic attention. After a bit, pump his balls lightly at first and paying attention to how he reacts vary the touch. This felt like I was getting to play a round of tennis or something. His score: 8.9| My score: 7.4...we are getting closer to my fav spots:)

Frisky Finger Lick: Being that licking my own fingers tends to get him pretty aroused, I can imagine what licking his would do. Apparently, fingers are packed with nerve endings just hold the base of your digit of choice, sensually place it against your lips and suck as if you are giving him a bj. I added playing with his nipples as well and I think that might have amped up the score. His score: 8.9 |My score: 9.0

Breast Stroke: I know almost all of us have done this one before. While he's lying on his back, lean over him and run your breasts over his face, shoulders, chest and down the treasure trail, paying attention to his shaft. The pillowy sensation of your bosom coupled with the softness of your skin against his member will drive him wild. I actually enjoyed this one as well and really got into it. His score: 9.1| My score: 9.1

F-Spot Flick: Last but not the least. The frenulum (F-spot) is the tiny ridge of flesh on the underside of his manhood where the head meets the shaft. It's supposedly the most sensitive part of the penis because it has the highest concentration of nerve endings. It doesn't need to be touched with alot of pressure, just a few fast tongue flicks while giving him a BJ. I actually learned this move in during my first BJ talk with the girls, but thanks for the refresher Cosmo. His score: 9.4| My score: 9.5

Of all the moves, I think this is by far my favorite. Can you guess why?

I guess breaking out these moves once in a while if you are in the right position is great and all, but honestly, don't even bother flipping him around, spreading his legs, putting him on his back and then on this stomach again just to get all 6 in a go. Unless of course you plan to test them on him, score them and report back to us.

Your thoughts?


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