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Monday, July 03, 2006

Why Hasn't He Called Me?

Yes, I'm still playing hostess. However, one of my favorite bloggettes, Over-educated Nympho, has written an excellent article in which she, with great wit and sassiness, summarizes what we already know. He didn't call because......he really isn't feeling you.

You probably want me to tell you this: He saw you, was smitten with your beauty and charm, asked for your phone number with only the best of intentions, and then one of the following happened—

1) he was so intimidated by your beauty and charm that he was too scared to even do the call-and-hang-up bit, let alone attempt calling and speaking to you, you amazing creature you

2) he lost your phone number (or better yet, one of his buddies who saw him talking to you was jealous/shameless and stole your phone number from his wallet, so you can expect to hear from HIM later with some lame story about why you don’t remember him, something about a friend of a friend of a cousin remembered you had been neighbors twenty two years ago or yada yada loada crappa

Read the full article HERE.

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