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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Classic Tale of Pushey--Pulley

by Tom Dey

Tripp (McConaughey) is a 35 year-old who still lives with his parents. Desperate to help him leave the nest, they hire the beautiful and charming Paula (Parker) to lure him out. But when Paula falls for Tripp instead, all bets are off in this romantic battle of wills.

Even though this was touted as a romantic comedy, for some reason the premise of this movie didn'’t sit well with me and I refused to see it in the theatre. When given the chance to review it on here, I jumped at it even though my initial wariness was still there.

The plot is as close to what you see in the trailers, and without leaving any spoilers the story ends in your normal Hollywood ending. There wasn'’t much drama or excitement, but then again, it'’s a rom-com, so what do you expect? It does follow the chick flick formula almost to a T. The ends were tied up very neatly and the plot leaves you satisfied with the ending. I felt that the whole angst part went on for waaaay too long. "“Tripp, get over yourself already,"” I kept wanting to say! As for Paula (SJP), her pity party went on for way too long. It'’s really not that serious considering everything else going on in relationships to factor how they met as such a colossal and monumental catastrophe. Jeez. Cry me a river.

The storyline actually reminds me acutely of Hitch but without the funny aspect that Kevin James & Will Smith brought to that movie. Don'’t get me wrong, there were some moments that were definitely funny and that I laughed out loud at, but I felt that the humor was contrived and over-done. The whole "nature is against you"” theory was a creative way to throw in laughs but after the second incident, it wasn't that funny anymore.

I thought the actors showed much substance in their acting, and Sarah J. Parker did her thing! Even the sub-characters were very well developed and played integral parts in the story.The overall acting was very cohesive. There is alot of drool worthy moments in both Bradley Cooper and Matthew'’s visage without a doubt.

The DVD features alot of extra features thrown in there to be worth you while. There are several funny clips with the actors in Real Time and an expose that explains the Failure to Launch phenomenon. On the side note, if you do meet a guy that hasn't left home---please, for the love of all things good, don't expend all that energy trying to launch him! As you will find out, it's very futile. He has to make up his mind by himself that he wants to move. You can't force him to do it.

If you liked Hitch, Wedding Planner or How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days then this is definitely another one to add to your collection. It comes out on DVD today so head over to check it out. It's $29.95 but you can get it on Amazon for $15.99.

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