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Friday, June 30, 2006


Do men justify like we do? And if so, in what capacity?

I take it you mean justification in the way of rationalizing wrongs to make it seem right. Am I correct? I think everyone justifies, it's a way to silence that inner voice and make yourself feel better even though what you are doing you know is totally wrong. Women tend to justify alot especially when we are coming up with excuses of why we should put up and stay in toxic relationships with bullsh*t men.

In my experience, I think that the guys who end up doing all kinds of bad things to women on a constant basis are actually over the whole 'justification' thing. See, the first few times a Player runs his game he might feel bad but after a while, it becomes second nature and no longer a bad thing. He'll say stuff like, "Play or be played, it's the nature of the game," all the while knowing fully well that he's breaking hearts for no good reason other than to assuage his ego as a compensation for what he lacks in other realms. ~~~ Damn, that was good;)

Hope that answered your question. Anyone else, please feel free to elucidate.


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