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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Re: Nothing's Going to Change my World...

Iris updated her blog again. Just wanted to give a heads up to those of you who read it and haven't been back there in a while. I honestly thought that she had died or something...but turns out she's just been in a drug-induced state.

Here's a snippet.
It's been months since I've updated.

The reasons for this are embarrassing and difficult to open up about. I messed up so many things in my life. I can pretend that it all didn't happen, but the minute I write about it. It becomes real. I have to face it.

The past month and a half has been spent in a daze. A series of moments leaning over a mirror with Michael. Cutting white powder with a razor blade, and feeling like my heart was racing out of chest. Moments of dancing around the livingroom, leaning over the window sill thinking I could fly and a blur of laughter.
Read the rest of it HERE.

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