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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Q&A: Why Don't We Care?

Why do women not care if men consider them bad in bed? I have many female friends who openly admit to many characteristics that would be considered "bad" my most guys. I have informed them of this but they don't much care. Men get very hung up on this, but why don't women? Like anything else in a relationship, sex is a 2-way street.

The short answer: We don't care because we know that even though you might consider us 'bad in bed' and possessing other sundry habits, you would still rather have sex with us than not at all. If we wanted to sleep with you right then and there, you would oblige, regardless of the fact that we shave our pubic hair or let it grow au naturale.

Women tend to be more selective than guys when it comes to discriminatory antics in the bedroom. I guess it's because the Male Prowess and Ego are always up for assassination if he doesn't live up to his end of the bargain. Do you want to be known in your group of friends as a '1-minute man', 'small dick' or 'limp dick'? No siree. However, if you labeled a girl as 'bad in bed' the rest of us frankly don't really care. We don't constantly strive in competition in the bedroom the way you guys do and so getting a label doesn't faze us.

It's the same way how you men don't really care if you have huge thighs or a pot-belly. You don't look around the locker room comparing man-boobs, thighs and bums with your mates now do you? No, we all know that you are secretly looking at chest girth and penile size. However, if you told a girl that she had huge thighs (for your life's sake I actually don't recommend this); or compared her body to any other woman in a negative way...then you would get a solid kick in the family jewels reaction that you weren't expecting.

If a guy tells me that I suck in bed, I would just chalk it up to him not being 'worthy' of me and move on. Notice the transference here? We know that we are the bomb diggity, and you guys foster that feeling on a consistent basis because you will always want to have sex with us. Always.

You might say that I have an over-inflated opinion of myself and should try to improve my technique rather than chalk it up as his loss - however, why should I get all upset because some guy thinks I suck? Puhlease, there are oodles gazillions of other men that will want to have sex with me in spite of whatever habits that you/your friends despise.

I don't think that it will ever be a two-way street in this arena because men will always need/want us ladies no matter what we do. The crux of the matter is that women can live quite happily without sex. Men cannot. Therefore we are holding all the aces.

So why should we care?

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