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Monday, August 22, 2005

Checking Out

Definition: A detachment tool used by both genders in uncomfortable dating scenarios. Physically, one is there, but mentally and emotionally, they have distanced themselves from the situation.

Sometimes, in the midst of an argument or conversation, in the middle of a date, you will notice that the other person is acting strangely. Your sixth sense is screaming but you don't know exactly what it is. Most probably he's checking out, out of the discussion, out of the situation, out of your life. At that particular moment he's not that into you.

When a guy is into you, he leans towards you, looks into your face, his body hovers protectively over yours. If you look under the table, his feet lean towards you as he focuses all his energies on what you are saying. He may have an intense look of focus or concentration, it may be a direct stare that might freak you out, but don't be alarmed...he really is digging you.

However, in one split second (we know how fickle men can be), his attention wanders, he starts fidgeting and looking around the room. He leans back in his chair, as far from you as he can get. He might be there physically, but mentally and emotionally, he's gone.

The best thing about reading body language is that you will notice as soon as his mood changes. That way you can react appropriately...throw a bitch fit.

Yesterday, I actually noticed this in a guy that I happened to be on a date with. Being the direct person that I am, I called him out on it. Why was he checking out all of a sudden? Turns out something I said pissed him off, but that's a story for another day.

Ninety percent of human interaction is not through words, it's through body language. That means by the time you actually manage to pin down what is bothering him verbally, he's probably already given you a zillion clues that he's not there.


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