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Saturday, January 26, 2008

This Year Already...

This is just a post to give props to my Circle of Life. These chicks are doing it hardcore this year, and it's only the 4th week of January. Congratulations to all my girls that are living their lives with wild abandon and achieving their dreams.

  1. To N, for getting into law school...yay!
  2. To R, for moving to Sweden for 6 months..."Why Sweden?" I asked her, to which she responded, "why not?". Why not indeed.
  3. To D, for finally finishing her book. Now can you come home already, I miss you!
  4. To N2, for coming over to the Bad Girls Club at
  5. To L, for getting engaged...congratulations, new job, new city, new life!
  6. To K, for starting grad school and buying your first car...I'm so proud of you lil sis.
  7. To J, for growing, it's hard to believe you aren't a little girl anymore

So to everyone that is doing it big already, congratulations. And to everyone that is doing their thing out there in the real world...keep at it, congratulations and I'm so proud of you all.


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