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Sunday, January 27, 2008

How To Know When You're Orgasming

This one is for the young ladies in the house.

I remember back in the day before I had my first orgasm. Theoretically, I knew what an orgasm was, I could even break it down to you per anatomy what was going on. However, it took me years after I started having sex to even have my first bonafide, real down and dirty orgasm...and guess what? It was with my Vibrator.

See not knowing what an orgasm felt like, I couldn't tell during sex or making out if I was even close. So I resorted to faking it for several years until I started to believe that sex was just an over-rated activity . My best friend getting me the Vibrator at 21 was a real eye opener. I asked her what I was supposed to do with it in total naivete. She said, "Just play around with it around your pussy and keep playing until it feels good." Her advice was so simple and I took it to heart. 2 hours and 11 real orgasms later, I was still playing with it...I really put my pussy out of commission that week and killed my first vibrator a few weeks later.

It's hard when starting out to know when you are having an orgasm or even close to one, especially when your first is a rookie or totally clueless to the female orgasm. So here's to all the ladies out there that keep wondering if they've ever had a real orgasm yet. If you are thinking that---chances are you haven't. Once you have an orgasm---it will rock your world enough to leave your eyes wide open with knowledge of the petite mort.

Orgasmal Signs Include but are not just limited to the following:

Okay, if you have reached the fab age of 21 and haven't had a real bonafide honest to goodness, makes you wanna scream and shout type orgasm yet---may I suggest investing in a vibrator? It'll be the best present you'll ever get yourself. Trust me.

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