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Friday, May 04, 2007

The Overnight Bag

Okay, now that I've returned to the land of the living, we can talk about other things besides icky illnesses and popping pills. Here's a question that came in earlier this week from one of the most inquisitive Bad Girls in Training.

What would you consider as the essentials when staying at your man's place with only a little time to grab whatever is closest? I either end up taking to much or too little, any ideas on something quick and simple that i can just store in my car for last minute plans?

The Overnight Bag is something that I used to have trouble with in the past. I had the exact same problem so I'm totally with you on that score.

I do believe that every gal should have an overnight bag readily accessible. You never know where your sexy heels might lead you. Most of these products can be found in travel packs at Walmart or Walgreens to make your overnight bag even smaller. The essentials for me would be:
  1. Toothbrush: You sooooo do not want to end up using his, can you imagine how gross it would be if any of his exes/other women had used the same brush. Ugh! Trying to hide morning breath without a toothbrush is nigh to impossible unless he's stocked with mouthwash.
  2. Fresh underwear: Because you might not find last night's panties....and why waste the time looking for them when you could be doing so much more interesting activities?
  3. Tampon/pad: Because Aunt Flo chooses the most inopportune moments to intrude.
  4. Condoms/birth control: Because protecting yourself is your own sweet priority.
  5. KY Jelly: Because having your own is more hygienic for the Pussy.
  6. Lotion: I recommend something that smells fresh & sweet but is still a full body moisturizer. Some people like to bring their own shower gel, but I'm not that finicky so it would be up to you.
  7. Washcloth: Because very few guys have them and even less have them clean. So throw one in just to be on the safe side.
  8. Make up remover/what's that other stuff y'all put on your face?: Ummm, I'm blessed with fabulous skin so I really don't pay attention to all the night cream/pimple reducing/facial care stuff. But whatever you usually use to keep your face zit free and fresh, throw it in the bag.
  9. Hair products: Keep this strictly to the basics. A comb/brush, hair wrap, barrette and hair gel/hair cream of your choice. All you are trying to do is make sure your hair is presentable once you emerge from the shower, so slick it into a cute ponytail and you're usually good to go.
  10. Make up: Once again, just the basics. I generally don't do makeup when I'm lounging at home but everyone has their preference. Keep it light and keep it as natural as possible.
  11. Perfume/body spray: Because he likes the fact you smell good. He really really does.
  12. Deodorant/antiperspirant: See above.
  13. Change of clothes: I like to always have a cotton tank top on hand because it can work as a night shirt or a morning shirt and still be hella sexy. Also, try a track suit ala Madonna/JLo style for the next day if you are lounging or just a nice shirt & jeans will do the trick. In addition, I layer my clothes as I'm coming over and wear something new with something old. For instance, I might wear a new flirty top with the same jeans that I wore to come there last night. Throw in a skirt as well if you are dressing it up and some heels if you didn't wear any to come over there. Whatever it is, make sure that it's wrinkle free.
  14. Accessories: I keep the same purse that I came there with. I save my jewelry and try to reuse it if it does with the outfit. If not, I make sure to keep it in the side zip panel of my purse and swap it out with my extra necklace/ring that I keep there. Be sure to leave your precious pieces at home.
  15. Cell phone charger: You might need your phone nice and charged for work the next day.
  16. Magazine/Book: Because you should always have reading material on hand for when he's overly engrossed with his toys/computer/on the phone/work or with his boys. Of course, you could always distract him as a naughty minx would but on occasion, you will need a few minutes over the weekend to regroup & relax. You might as well have something to read while you are at it.
  17. Sexy Optionals: This is where your naughty lingerie, sex toys, games, dice, handcuffs, edible panties fur and lace would fall into. It's really up to you what you throw in here.
That's all I can think of for right now, if anyone else thinks of anything, leave a comment and I"ll add it on. These items will eventually be what gets thrown into your Drawer when you get one at his place so make sure that you have doubles of everything so you don't have to keep shuttling to and fro every other night.

Great question babe, and I"m glad to see that this new boyfriend is working out well. Good luck!

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