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Friday, April 27, 2007

The Thinking Blogger Award

Wow....I've been doubly nominated for the Thinking Blogger Award. It's an award given out by bloggers to bloggers that "Make Them Think." I don't really think that I am such a great thinker...I just write the first thing that pops into my head but I'm glad that those ramblings have made sense to some people...

Here's what delightful Virginia Belle had to say:
Yes. Vixen writes fantastic columns (posts? I dunno, they read like columns) about all things relationship-oriented. And she's always spot-on in her advice. Her topics are timely, she's not afraid to bring up taboo topics (which really appeals to the pervert in me) and she just reeks of womanly confidence and power. She shoots from the hip and is very fair in her views. *sigh* Women like her make me proud to be in the same gender.
Awwwww. If I were lighter you could see my blush. Thanks VB, you rock! And the Overeducated Nympho, who actually is my blog inspiration (Shhhh, she doesn't know this), said this as well:
".....because she’s smart about love in a way that I would like to be..."
AND...I just found out the Vics had nominated me for this as well (why she didn't tell me I have no idea!) She said:
Newly engaged and over the moon, (so head over and offer congratulations even if you don’t get sucked into the archives.) She offers dating advice and insights into the often complicated aspects of a loving relationship, I want to copy this lasses archives and save them for my kids (assuming I ever have any) reading this is the best advice I could ever give ‘em. (Though some posts may be password protected until they were of a ’suitable’ age)
Now I'm blushing hard core! You guys are so sweeeeet!

Here's where I come in. I'm supposed to pass this award along to five bloggers that make me think. So here we go....
  1. Smart at Love, because she really has a degree in this 'relationship' stuff and knows hardcore what she's talking about. Annie is all about identifying and examining the issues in ourselves before leaping into another doomed relationship, and I value her candid approach and she's helped countless women solve their dating dilemmas.
  2. D Unspoken, because her poetry rakes my soul and expresses such depth that my heart recognizes the essence and beauty of her dialogue. When I read anything she writes, I'm either nodding in understanding, perplexed and trying to figure out what's going on or shaken because she's expressed something that I've been unable to say.
  3. Sex & Moxie, even though I know she probably won't have time to do this, I have to hotlink her anyway. I adore reading her blog because she tells it like it is in a frank & honest manner. She doesn't sugarcoat or play nice, if you are being stupid, she will say you are being stupid. I love the fact that she encourages women to take control of their lives and accept the blame when they are in the wrong. Too often us ladies try to play the Victim card and Moxie is the first to say, 'Girl grow the fuck up!'
  4. Mistress Lounge, even though SHE DOESN'T POST AS MUCH AS I LIKE!!! I still have to say that she is a sexy, confident woman who knows what she wants from life, men and her career. She isn't afraid to talk about anything---and I mean anything from limp dicks to porn stars, Mistress truly has a voice in the blogosphere. I feel like she's my soul sista from another mother. The first day I read her blog...we ended up simultaneously reading our the same time. Now that is synchronicity. If I ever come to AZ, I'll definitely be looking you up Missy.
  5. Overwhelmed Naija Babe, because she's the first Nigerian blogger that I met who blogs as real live actual person. She lays it all out on her much of her life and past that you feel like you actually *know* her. She goes into details about her history, her relationships and her sex life in a way that makes you feel like you are peeking into her soul. She's so honest and gritty...and most Naijas can't roll with that. She's taken ALOT of heat in the last few months but she's remained herself through everything. I admire that so much.
  6. The Overeducated Nympho, I know we aren't supposed to nominate someone that nominated us (which is why she isn't in the top 5)...but she really does make me think like crazy. Whether it's new sex tips, frank talk about boys or how to love yourself and be yourself in spite of yourself, OEN makes me think in every single post she writes.
Okay that's my final list. It took a great deal to actually select a few because there are soooo many awesome blogs I read on a consistent basis. But these are the women that every time they post...they make me think. Congratulations!! Your turn.


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