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Saturday, May 12, 2007

You Might Not Want to Read This...

Hey peoples,

This is going to be a totally whiny post, like a I feel like crap and this is why type blog, which I never, ever post on the Bad Girls Guide because when I'm whiny in real life that seems to be enough. But really the last 2 weeks have been a total bust and I'm not loving the month of May very much, it sucks ass!!

This totally blows. I hate getting into a good healthy groove and then it totally gets shot out of the water by something as redundant as pneumonia. I HATE BEING SICK. I absolutely detest it. I have no accessible veins...which pretty much means that my whole stay in the hospital is spent with the nurses/phlebotomists turning me into a pin cushion so then can draw blood and start an IV. I know it's all for my good and everything but like fuck a duck...31 needle sticks in a day tells you that I DON'T HAVE GOOD VEINS SO STOP FUCKING UP THE ONLY ONES THAT I HAVE LEFT.

Sorry, I"m real pissy, like I said, you might want to skip this one.

Moving along, coming home sucks! My house pretty much fell apart when I was sick. I know the Fiance was stressed an all, but that doesn't mean that the daily activities of the house needs to slow to a grinding halt. I don't even want to enter my bedroom because of the behemoth pile of clothes that need to be thrown into the wash. Fortunately, my darling sis paid the bills while I was away so I don't have to worry about any of least for the next week or so. There is NO FOOD TO EAT! Coming from a place that serves crappy 'balanced' meals 3 times a day, it's hard to come home to eat nothing. Ugh!

In addition, he has to go out of town the day after I come back from the hospital--which does not bode well for me if I have a relapse or something. I miss him soooo much! I barely got to spend that much time with him while I was sick due to visiting hours conflicting with his work schedule and now he goes out of town!!! Grrrrrr!

I don't even want to think about all the stuff that needs to get done but I have no energy to do and no man to direct to do them. I just want to curl up on the sofa, hide under the covers and wait for Monday when my life should return to normal. Who says escaping in 100+ hours of television, tons of junk food and a gab fest with the best bud doesn't make one feel better?

Moving right along, I had a job interview a few days before I fell ill and I totally tanked. I know that I kicked myself out of the running when I totally choked and couldn't answer basic nursing questions that you should be able to answer automatically except for the fact that you've been out of nursing for almost 2 years and didn't do no brush up whatsoever. I bombed so bad that I could feel the boss lady burning holes through me. I knew I wasn't going to get it---even though I really, really wanted it. Hopefully, I've learned and all my future interviews in the next few days will go down much better.

Okay, I feel much better having written this---I think all the gooey stuff poured itself out. Blogging really is an aphrodisiac.


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