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Monday, January 29, 2007

How to Make a Woman Feel Special

Although this question might seem rudimentary, it's come to my attention that there are quite a few guys out there who still have no clue how to make a woman feel special. Although us ladies like to think that we are complicated...(okay we are!), making a woman feel special really isn't that complicated. It just takes a little effort and one will reap huge rewards.

For starters, you can read this post on What Women Want. This will clue you in a bit. In addition to that article, here are a few tips that have been shown to yield excellent results.

Compliments: For some reason, we are a sucker for compliments. Whether it's on how gorgeous we look, how nice we smell, what great organizational skills we possess....anything that praises us makes us feel special. It shows us that you are paying attention to us and admire us for specific traits. Steer away from telling us guy-type compliments like,"You have fuckable lips," or "a nice ass". Although we might smile at this compliment, it's more likely to piss us off than anything else. Compliments that are unique and focusing on us alone are more likely to get you brownie points.

Show 'n Tell: Even though we might profess not to like this, us girls really do get a kick out of it when you talk about us to your friends. Just mentioning us in casual conversation to one of your boys is enough to get our juices flowing. Especially when you tell him how cool we are. We know how close your buds are to you, so when you talk to them about us it makes us feel special and noteworthy. Better yet if you have us meet your friends. If you proudly talk and show us off to your friends, you make us feel extra nice.

Reciprocity: Pay attention to the little things that we do for you and reciprocate in kind. Not because you are keeping score, but because you want to. Do things for us 'just because', you know it will make us smile. Like picking up after yourself. And making dinner. And tickets to the Robin Thicke concert that you know we've been dying to attend.

Anything Chocolate: It's not a myth, chocolate is truly a woman's favorite treat. We love, love, LOVE chocolate. Chocolate should be quantified as a vegetable, and very few women have the willpower to turn down chocolate. Even though we might eat only one piece or two, anything chocolate will get you into our good graces. Think chocolate drinks, ice-cream and sundaes as well as the chocolate hearts and kisses. Bonus points if you know our favorite kind, and what flavor.

Anything Aromatherapy: We love beautiful scents. For some reason, we adore smelling great....especially during our showers and baths. A quick trip to Bath & Body Works, the Body Shop or Victoria's Secret will give you a place to start from. Ask the saleslady for ideas. Try candles, shower gels, bubble baths...or a gift bag with the works. Elegant perfumes are also a great gift.

More Orgasms: I know I don't have to explain this one...but the more orgasms we have, the more special we feel. Although some women aren't hardwired for multiple orgasms, majority of us are. So buckle down and start shooting for more than the requisite one orgasm when we get it on. A little extra effort goes a looooong way, and our second, third and fourth orgasms are always more enjoyable than the first.

SHOPPING!!!: I really was trying to stick to cheap & easy things on here, but everyone knows that women dig shopping. Offer a spur of the moment shopping trip, and come with us. Although it might be boring to you, it's an experience for us, (kind of like you and Monday night football). We promise not to spend the whole day...only an hour or so. After all, marathon shopping sprees are really for us and the girls anyway.

Pampering: Be it at home, at a spa or at your place; an evening of pampering is guaranteed to make every woman feel like a princess. Cook dinner for us. Run a bath with candles. Break out the massage oil. Don't forget to have our soft soothing Sade/Maxwell Cd playing in the background.

Show Your Heart: This is the most important thing. We want to get to know you better, to feel like we have a connection with you that no one else has. We want to believe that under the game, masculinity, ego and testosterone there beats a heart that has the potential of loving us fully. Show us glimpses of it regularly and we feel like we are the only one with the key. Tell us how you really feel and you will indeed make us feel special just by getting to know you.

Okay ladies, anything else to add?

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