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Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Digs

Congratulations to me. I'm staring at my newly signed lease and newly minted keys. The Boyfriend and I are moving in together this weekend. We did a little christening last night...started in the living room and went round the whole crib. ;) WOOHOO!!!

My internet is probably going to be really janky for the next few weeks, damn Comcast can't hook us up for a while. However, I will try to post often.

For those of you that check in during the weekend, here's a fun game for you. Don't get too addicted to it though. Have a fab weekend peoples.
You already know Mission: Impossible 3 is coming to DVD on Mission Monday, October 30th, 2006. Now there’s an amazing first person shooter M:I3 game online, where you can take on the role of an elite IMF agent!

In the M:I3 game, you must train and then go on a mission to kill a murderous arms dealer. The goal of the game is for users to kill all of the arms dealer’s henchman and then the arms dealer himself, while not getting shot themselves and racking up the highest accuracy possible. In the third level, the challenge ramps up as you must avoid killing civilians as well.

Check out the game here:


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