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Friday, October 13, 2006

Elexa Condoms

I just got a question from a reader asking me if Elexa condoms were female condoms. It was then I realised that even though I talk about Elexa I haven't really gone into detail about it with you guys. Here's the gist....

Elexa are Men condoms designed for women's bodies. I guess their marketing is just off because so many people ask the same question! They are like Trojans but contoured more dynamically from a woman's perspective looking at how a female's body relates to a condom. There are 3 main brands: Natural Feel, Stimulating (my fav!) and Ultra Sensitive. They have lighter yet stronger polyutherane (sp) which is a type of latex that actually lets you feel his cock better even though he's wearing a condom. In addition, they are lubricated with a water based lubricant (less risk of getting a yeast infection, hell yeah!)

These are the only condoms I use and has the best track record of never breaking even with vigorous and rousing sex play. There is no nasty latex-y taste so you can give blowjobs with them or after using them! It's actually slightly sweet (the things I do for you guys!) The base is ribbed and smaller than the rest of the condom, so it doesn't slide off his cock during the most energetic and forceful sex. It's one size fits all, and I've used them on different size/thickness of cocks ranging from the average 4-6 to even as big as a 9 erect. From the male point of view, it might feel different at first, because of the ribbed base but you can assure him that it's not cutting off his circulation and his penis won't fall off!

They are stocked in the feminine products aisle as well as the regular condom aisle. In addition, they have this Vibrating Ring product that it's like getting fucked and masturbating at the same time! You have got to try this! The ring is placed on the base of the guys penis before sex and then he gets in you. It starts vibrating as soon as you turn it on and comes pre-installed with a battery. It vibrates for up to 20 minutes (for some reason mine worked for waaaaay longer!), massaging your clitoris while he's in you. It's like using the Rabbit but your man is the one doing it! However it does have the complaint of making some guys come quicker, (the lame-ones ) because the constant buzz doesn't stop until you take it off or shut it off.

In addition they have Freshening Cloths (that smell pretty nice!) and Intimacy Gel (which I haven't tried yet but will let you know when I do.

Inside the box there is a coupon for $1.00 off your next Elexa purchase. In addition, if you go to the Elexa Sexy Smart blog you can find a coupon to print off your computer that gets you $2.00 off your purchase. If that doesn't pique your interest, remember, every box you buy until Dec. 31st gets a comparative box sent by Trojan to less fortunate women all around the world that need to protect themselves as well. They've already donated one million dollars worth of condoms and plan to do more before the year is out.

Please tell all your friends about Elexa and try them out. You will be surprised how much you like them.

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