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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Men, Love & Sex

I'm reading this book right now by David Zinczenko, the editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine. The book analyses a survey done on 5,000 people on what their views are on men, love, relationships and sex.

In addition, the questions focused on are from a woman's perspective because they also interviewed women as well to ask them the same questions from the other point of view. This book is for both genders and successfully crosses the great divide. The answers are quite candid, totally eye-opening and for me this book has successfully shattered all those dumb myths about men.

Take for instance the myth that men don't fall in love: According to the survey, they do, deeper and more intensely than most women's concept of love. Most guys were head over heels in love with their first love, and when their hearts got broken, they built the rest of their experience on trying to avoid such pain ever again.

"In order to get inside the minds of men, Zinczenko commissioned an exclusive poll conducted by the national polling firm Harris Interactive, and surveyed more than 5,000 men and women, asking them some intensely intimate questions—and eliciting some remarkably candid answers. In the survey men talked about love, insecurity, guy’s nights out, what they secretly want in the bedroom, their biggest gripes with relationships, and what women can do and say to make them happier. They also confessed the little things that destroy relationships, revealed what they are scared of and nervous about, and—most of all—they came clean with the truth about why they love and cherish women. The poll also found that while men and women in fact have extraordinarily similar desires, they have extraordinarily dissimilar communication styles thus making it hard for men and women to find happiness together."

Okay, I'm not done with the book, just half way through, but I've read enough to rave about it to all of you. I've called all my girlfriends as well to share the love. Go get this book right now! It's an easy yet extremely scintillating read. On every single page, I found something that made me either laugh out loud or nod in full understanding.

Each page had snazzy blurbs to keep it a fun read, here are a few examples:
Say This, Not That!
Say This: I'm so glad to be finally home!
Not: Work was awful and I've been in a bad mood all day
Because: Like you, he wants reassurace that you're happy to see him. (awwww!)

Male Mysteries Revealed: 54% of men say family is what defines them the most.

What It Means When:...He's still friends with his ex more than a year later
Take it as a positive that he's a good man, not as a negative that she's a threat. If their breakup didn't cause permanent damage, then chancess are that, one, he's mature enough to let relationships eveolve' two, he probably treated her well during their time together' and three, he didn't screw around on her. All good.

Wondering Woman asks: Why doesn't he go down on me more often?
If you lie back quieter than a college library on Friday night, he's not going to know what you make of oral sex. Groan, moan, yell "more" then tell him later that you're dying for a repeat performance. Once you open your mouth about what you like, he'll open his.
Every single topic we've talked about on this blog is covered, as well as subjects that are considered too intimate to share. Like how do guys really feel about penis size? And why do they have to play Joe the toolman when they don't know how to use a hammer? Why do they miss the toilet? What's the deal with guys & cheating? How does he really feel about your body? How can you tell if he's over his ex?

It's a refreshing dialogue with no holds barred responses. The answers are straight from a guy's perspective---straight from the horses' mouth. There are several examples of relationship questions with answers given by Zinczenko as well as direct quotes from all the 5000 guys that took the survey. In addition, there are so many pointers and tips that even I hadn't thought about before. It's taking male/female interaction to a whole new level, enabling us to be able to really understand and appreciate each other.

Go get this book now. Right this very second! It doesn't matter whether you are single, in a relationship or married, it's an important read for everyone. Trust me, this is one of those books that you will be glad you read. It definitely has my five star stamp of approval.

Order it from Amazon right HERE.

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